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Pub food isn't all the same. Time was, you'd go into a pub and there'd be a tired pasty warming under a lightbulb or a curled cheese sandwich, just visible through a cloud of cigarette smoke. But your modern punter demands more, and in a place like Brighton is offered it on practically every corner. 

Which is why we work with a talented team to bring you the very best in modern pub cuisine. We're well known for our seafood, which is locally and sustainably caught, but there's something for everyone on our menu. Enjoy! 

sample menu 

Caramelised red onion and pork sausage roll 3

Black pudding scotch egg 4

Hummus and pitta 4

To Start

Pea soup, bread roll 6

Trio of Duck Croquettes with Cauliflower Puree, Raisin Blend and Red Cabbage 7

Creamy mushrooms on toast 6.50 (v)

The Mains

Wild Mushroom Risotto with parmesan and White Truffle Oil 11 (vegan available)

Chicken supreme, creamy mash, carrot and parsnip puree, crispy kale and red wine jus 13

Cod loin, mash, roasted broccoli, broccoli puree with stilton sauce 13

Classic Mains

Halloumi Burger and Chips with Mushroom, Pepper 10

Fish and Chips: Cod Fillet with Tartare sauce and Mushy peas 7 | 13

Pork and leek sausages, sautéed greens mash, gravy 11

House Burger, Beef, cheese, bacon, cut chips 12

7oz sirloin steak, mushroom, tomato, onion rings, cut chips 18


Cut chips 3 | cheesy chips 4 | garden salad 3 | glazed carrots 3


Ice cream – triple chocolate/vanilla 1 scoop 2 | 2 scoop 4 | 3 scoop 5

Sticky toffee pudding (vegan) 6

Apple crumble, ice cream 5

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Mon-Sat: 12pm-9pm

Sun: 12pm-8pm